DSH Nauta Mixer

Product description:
Conical mixer is widely used in chemical, dyestuff,battery and rare earth line.
Product features:
1. full discharge and no leftover.
2. Gentle mixing no damage to fragile material.
3. Low-energy,more adaptable to chemical&physical reaction.
Technical parameter:
Batch working volume: 0.1-15cbm
Mixing time: 15-60mins
Material: 316L, 304, mild steel

1.material selection
Material can be carbon steel, manganese steel, ss304, 316L and 321; different material can also be used in parts, between the part contact with the raw material and the parts don’t contact with the raw material. Surface treatment for stainless steel can be sandblasting, wiredrawing, polishing, mirror polishing.


2.driven unit
The driven unit and power is varied according to different raw material, starting method, and processing.
Double screw conical mixer is equipped with appropriative double output reducer, which combines pinwheel, gear and warm and gear.


3.discharging unit
Spherical valve or plum-blossom dislocation valve is matched to the double screw conical mixer.The surface of the valve match the track of the bottom of screw, to reduce the mixing dead zone to the maximum, and to make the largest discharging area, so as to make sure no leftover. Spherical valve has excellent sealing effect to powder, liquid and even in the negative pressure state.Plum-blossom dislocation valve is easy to operate and control the discharging speed


4.auxiliary components
Equipped with circulation medium of jacket, the double screw conical mixer can realize the temperature control in mixing process.
In the mixer barrel, the part contact with material can coat some antiriot, anti-caking and metal isolation material according to different ingredient. In some severe wear conditions, the screw surface can be overlaid by some wear proof alloy.
If a small quantity of liquid is required during mixing, spraying or atomizing unit is necessary in order to mix the liquid evenly with the main ingredient. The liquid-adding system is basically composed by the three parts: pressure source, liquid storage pot and spraying nozzles.


Working principles:
Double screw conical mixer rotated around its axes by right of two internal asymmetric spirals which is installed on the cantilever. Mean while, the rotational force from the cantilever drive two spiral doing revolution around conical chamber axle wire.
Double screw conical mixer has 4 direction forces:
1.Two inner asymmetric spiral upgrade materials by rotation.
2.Tumbler low-speed rotation makes material circle motion.
3.Spiral rotation and revolution make materials absorbed while diffuse to circle direction.
4.Two flow materials upward then down to center, which come into being a downward material flow.
This way can full the bottom gap and form a convective circulation.

DSH-1    DSH-2


111 110
selection way:
1. Choose the batch working capacity from 0.1cbm to 20cbm, select mixer accordingly.
2. Choose raw material for the part contact with raw material, non-contact with raw material, other parts like motor and reducer, bearing material can not be chosen; According to the material to be mixed, processing condition, health level, raw material can be mild steel, sus304, sus316L, sus321; And choose the surface treatment according to the raw material.
3. Motor power is chosen according to the material gravity, fluidity, and operation.
Operation is divided as: Start mixer when it is empty (normal duty); Start mixer with load (heavy duty)
4. Adding the auxiliary components like spraying, heating and cooling according to processing condition.
5. Mixer inlets: feeding ports, cleaning port, vent.
6. Chose discharging and driven mode: manual, pneumatic and electric.
Note: mixer selection is a very important step, your detailed material information, processing and factory arrangement is very helpful to get professional technical support from us.


Configuration 1: conical mixer with manually feeding
Configuration 2: conical mixer, manually feeding device with dust collector
Configuration 3: conical mixer with vacuum feeder
Configuration 4: conical mixer with crane
Configuration 5: conical mixer with screw conveyor
Configuration 6: conical mixer with bucket elevator
Configuration 7: simple production line with conical mixer, vacuum feeder, storage tank and auto-packing machine.
Configuration 8: simple production line with conical mixer, manually feeding, screw conveyor to storage tank and auto-packing



Power combination

Equipment material

(Without the optional)
(Without the optional)
(Need to fill)

Main configuration

Function option

Complete sets option


(powder mesh, granule size, bulk density)
(granule's max size, block materials's size)
(The Angle of the accumulation of natural material forming)
(fluidity,viscosity,strong acid, strong alkali, abrasion,easy fragile, moisture absorption,agglomeration,melt,low flash point, pilling, fiber,etc)
(type of materials, minimum additive proportion, heating/cooling, chemical reaction,add liquid, batch mixing, dynamic bin)
(fast mixing. Food grade,resistance acid and alkali and corrosion, heating/cooling, easy clean, wear-resisting,crush,large capacity mixing etc)
(the output per batch calculated by volume)
(304、316L、321, carbon steel etc/ surface treatment requirement)
(3 phase:380V 50HZ)

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