Careful guidance, quick response, intimate review


     After the equipment is sent to the customer's specify the place of use, the after-sales service program starts


    We strive to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service, the establishment of after-sales service team, from the installation, commissioning, maintenance, training, return visit to form an effective management mechanism, the after-sales service files are to ensure that after-sales service traceable, spare parts supply timely, effective maintenance! During the installation and commissioning phase of the equipment, according to the customer's actual situation, the future conditions of use, we complete the commissioning operations at the same time will give professional train for personnel on-site management or operating personnel, explain the equipment , and detailed guidance equipment installation, equipment commissioning, safe production, maintenance process, so as to let the user fully understand the equipment.


     We provide a complete set of manuals for our customers, the manuals log out the various safety precautions, and how to use the equipment properly so that customers can safely use it. The manual details the comprehensive analysis of the equipment, the labeling of the parts, easily wear out parts list, so that customers fully understand the machine structure at the same time, also provide a great convenience for customers to purchase accessories ; manual registered a detailed equipment maintenance issues, to facilitate customer development of maintenance plans to extend the service life of equipment; the installation, commissioning, and other information are also provided in our manual


     In the latter part of the equipment services, we respond to customers in a timely manner to the phone, the need for maintenance of the product! if the situation is relatively simple, can be quickly resolved by telephone to resume production. For the need to replace the accessories of the product or other important issues, our customer service staff will arrange the corresponding staff and solutions timely


    The deep understanding of the after-sales service or customer reflects the problems, and accumulated experience in maintaining the product,  will help us to improve product quality, enhance the technological level of enterprises! we insist on providing better products and equipment by sorting out the analysis, optimizing design, making full use of more advanced technology for our customers